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Nordic Minimal Mug with Golden Spoon - Minimalism Inspired [Teal Blue / Mint Green / Rosewood Pink]

  • Mug Dimension - L: 7.5cm x H: 10.5cm
  • Lid Dimension - L: 8cm
  • Golden Spoon Dimension - L: 15.5cm

Minimalistic Mug with Wood Handle and Golden Spoon [Zen White / Oyster Grey / Sacramanto Green]

  • Temperature Resistant
  • Wood Handle
  • Comes with a Golden Stirer
  • Dimension - L: 11cm x W: 8cm x H: 11cm
  • Capacity: 380ml

Long Narrow Sprout Coffee Pot with Leather Strap Handle

  • Dimension - L: 8.3cm x W: 7.2cm x H: 11.5 cm
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • 5mm narrow sprout for precise pouring
  • Cover with hole for inserting thermometer
  • Smooth Interior for easy cleaning
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Elegantly strapped PU Leather for more comfortable grip

Premium Vietnamese Coffee Filter - Phin [Silver / Black / Rose Gold / Gold]

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Smooth surface
  • Fine filter for good filtration
  • Dimension - L: 12.5cm x W: 10cm x H: 8cm

Wood Motif Milk Frothing Jug Latte Pourer

  • Wood grain inspired design
  • Dimension - L: 7.5cm x W: 6.5cm x H: 9cm
  • Capacity - 350ml
  • Curved. Smooth pouring for Latte Art

Minimalistic Design TIMEMORE Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle (Black / White)


  • Light weight
  • Fast heating
  • Soft touch temperature control
  • Ergonomic handle

Ceramic V60 Coffee Dripper [Muji Style]

  • Use with any mugs or container

Muji Style Wooden Holder Hand Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr

  • Ceramic grinding core
  • Grinds evenly without heating, keeps coffee beans mellow
  • Detachable body, easy to clean
  • Dimension - L: 5.2cm x H: 18cm

Ergonomic Hand Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr

  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Dimension - L: 8cm x W: 6cm x H: 18cm

Muji Style Glass Coffee Dripper with Wood Holder

  • Wavy design for laminar flow
  • Sits on most mugs & container
  • Dimension (Coffee Dripper) - L: 10cm x W: 3.5cm x H: 8.5cm
  • Dimension (Wood Holder) - L: 11cm x W: 6.3cm x H: 0.9cm
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker Glass Jar 1200ml [Minimalistic Design]
  • Dimension - L: 8cm x H: 20.5cm
  • Capacity: 1200ml 

Muji Style Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Inspired by Woodpecker